15 of the Best Golf YouTube Channels

This article first appeared on Golfshake.com in Apr 2017

Golf instruction has really exploded on YouTube over the past few years, with many golfers using the video sharing site to find golf tips, equipment and course reviews. Here are some of our favorites to help you improve your swing and enjoy the game.

Me and My Golf

Me and My Golf is hosted by PGA Professionals Andy Proudman and Piers Ward, who offer fun, innovative and informative content such as golf instruction, golf fitness, biomechanics, travel and education to help golfers improve their game.

Visit the Me and My Golf Channel – Click here

Rick Shiels Golf

Offering tips and golf club reviews, Rick Shiels has racked up over 180,000 YouTube subscribers. With new content coming out almost every day, Rick Shiels Golf is definitely an account to take note of.

Visit Rick’s Channel – Click here


Offering you equipment and travel reviews, as well as online instruction by some of the UK’s best professionals, Golfshake’s YouTube channel can help you enjoy the sport even more – and potentially improve your game.

Visit the Golfshake Channel – Click here


Mark Crossfield is the professional behind AskGolfGuru. You are probably aware of his Twitter and YouTube presence but if not, you will find everything from equipment reviews to golf tips.

Visit Mark’s Channel – Click here

Peter Finch Golf

With over 90,000 subscribers currently, Peter Finch Golf is one of the largest golf YouTube channels in the world. It has everything from golf tips and drills to on course vlogs with some special guests such as Ian Wright.

Visit Pete’s Channel – Click here

Hacker to Single Figures

Hacker to Single Figures lets you follow Kevin Paver’s progress on his journey to become a single figure golfer. This includes videos from lessons, on course vlogs and product reviews.

Visit Kevin’s Channel – Click here

Buzza Golf

Buzza Golf brings you golf instructional videos, as well as course vlogs and fun challenges. You may find yourself fixed on Steve Buzza’s channel for hours.

Visit Buzza Golf’s Channel – Click here

Bryan Bros

Wesley Bryan’s rise to stardom on the PGA Tour has been a fairly swift one, but did you know he also has a YouTube channel with his brother George? With the little spare time they have, the South Carolina brothers film some of the most impressive trick shots you will ever see.

Visit the Bryan Brothers Channel – Click here

GGSwingTips Golf

George Gankas is the man behind GGSwingTips Golf and he teaches you how to improve in a very different way. This is done by watching his in person lessons to make you more knowledgeable and hopefully improve your golf swing.

Visit the GGSwing Tips Channel – Click here

Dan Whittaker

Dan Whittaker’s YouTube channel will offer you analysis of the professionals, regular blog updates on swing theory, and videos on biomechanics and golf specific fitness videos.

Visit Dan’s Channel – Click here


Based at the Belfry, Chris Ryan is a Senior PGA National Academy Instructor and aims to help golfers of all abilities enjoy the game through educational, informative and factual videos.

Visit Chris’ Channel – Click here


Here to help you play better golf, AliTaylorGolf brings you free tips, club reviews and all the talk from the golfing world.

Visit Ali’s Channel – Click here

Seb On Golf

Seb On Golf offers golfers entertaining challenges and course vlogs that will keep you hooked for hours. These also include special guest appearances from other YouTubers such as Rick Shiels.

Visit Seb’s Channel – Click here

Fried Eggs Golf

Probably most well known for their golf rap videos, you will definitely be laughing after a few minutes on this channel. Although away from the rapping, the guys also offer great equipment news and course vlogs.

Visit Fried Eggs Channel – Click here

Aussie Golf Reviewer

On the Aussie Golf Reviewer channel you will find course vlogs, course tips, equipment reviews and special giveaways. One cool feature of this channel is the drone used to achieve some incredible on course images.

Visit Aussie Golf Reviewer’s Channel – Click here

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