20 Years of Tin Cup

This article first featured on in Aug 2016.

It’s now been 20+ years since Tin Cup was released in cinemas. The film, starring Kevin Costner as a former golf prodigy (Roy McAvoy) seeking to qualify for the U.S. Open in an effort to impress Rene Russo (playing Molly), is delightfully cheesy and strangely likable, with it growing something of a cult following among fans of golf and sport movies.

*Spoiler Alert* many will be aware of the conclusion to the film, when our hero has a chance to edge out Peter Jacobsen and the antagonist David Simms (played by Don Johnson), who is also trying to earn the affections of Molly. Roy takes the aggressive play on her suggestion, going for the green on the 18th over the water. He comes agonizingly close to glory, but the ball trickles down into a watery grave. Determined, he tries again. And again. Before using the last ball in his bag and facing potential disqualification, he attempts to make the carry one final time, which he stunningly achieves by holing his shot for a battling 12. Despite losing the title, he qualifies for the following year’s event and wins the girl. What a guy.

Have you ever put yourself through a disaster of making the same mistakes on the last hole in an effort to achieve a target? Let us know your very best ‘Tin Cup’ moments.

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