Srixon Z-STAR Diamond Golf Ball Review

If a golf ball is used by a juggernaut figure such as Brooks Koepka, then you know it’s going to be reliable on the golf course.

Leading the line for the 2022 Srixon collection of golf balls, the Z-Star Diamond has been received well from both amateurs and professionals alike.

The Z-Star places an emphasis on control around the greens, featuring an unbelievably soft feel for finessing your way to fewer strokes.

Its cover has been remastered from previous years, resulting in more elastic to issue more bite and stopping power when pitching into the greens.

Green-side spin is what the Z-Star flourishes in, helping to give the golfer ultimate control when needed the most.

Golfshake Equipment Expert, Ryan Rastall, tested the ball on the course and provides his valuable insight below.